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About Us

SneakyBags is a company dedicated to producing the finest  sewn bags to facilitate discreet carry of weapons and other sensitive equipment in non permissive or highly sensitive enviornments.

Our products are in use daily by elite armed professionals and discerning end users around the world.  Our design is driven by function and a keen soft spot for those who must use our products in harsh enviornments under harsher conditions.

We strive to make equipment that will give years of hassle free service and perform its function without being overly "Clever" just for the sake of selling a new product.

We will always be improving and updating our lines to meet the needs and desires of our clients and as technology and operating enviornments change.

One of the highest compliments we often hear from users or our products is " Wow, that doesn't look special at all".

That is what we are striving for, to make products that achieve a high level of function, without looking special or screaming "There is a Gun inside here"

Our clients really don't want to get noticed for the bag they are carrying.

We want to be unseen in all the best places.