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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will my specific weapon fit in a SneakyBag?

A: Possibly...  Probably... We make bags to fit most common weapons.
     The answer used to be a simple YES or NO, but the answer has
     become complicated over time by the vast number of modifications
     available today: optics, muzzle devices, collapsable & folding stocks,
     magazine size, etc... 
Additionally, you will need to know what you want
     to use the bag for, and if you want to carry your weapon ready-to-go
     or broken down. 

     All that being said, your best tool for answering this question is
     a simple measuring tape.
Measure your weapon from the end of the
     stock to the tip of the muzzle. Then, measure from the top of your optic
     (if you have one) to the bottom of your magazine. You can also measure
     your weapon broken-down, or try changing the size of your magazine for
     a lower profile. Then, search for a bag that will fit your specific weapon
     and needs. All of the dimensions for all of our bags are listed on our website.

Q:  Do you offer a Law Enforcement or Military Discount?

A: YES! We offer the LE / MIL / USG community a 15% discount on our full-priced
products. To receive the discount code, please send us an e-mail from your official
agency e-mail address to . Your information will be kept
secure and will ONLY be used for verification purposes. 


 If you have a more specific question, we're still happy to help! Please contact us
directly at:



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