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CRB-S // Original Covert Rifle Bag SMALL 27"

CRB-S // Original Covert Rifle Bag SMALL 27"
CRB-S // Original Covert Rifle Bag SMALL 27" CRB-S // Original Covert Rifle Bag SMALL 27" CRB-S // Original Covert Rifle Bag SMALL 27"
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27" CRB // Original Covert Rifle Bag SMALL

Now in FOUR sizes to fit most popular weapons in use!

Read a review of our CRBs at Jerking The Trigger!

Current production colors: Med Navy, Black, and SNEAKY Gray.

  • If you DO NOT see a color being offered that means it is out of stock. 



The Covert Rifle Bag was designed at the request of armed professionals who were looking for the most discreet way to transport a ready to use weapons system in some of the worlds most dangerous environments, where the consequences of being discovered would be dire. We think we struck a nice balance here, because you do not need to dissasemble your loaded weapons, making them faster to get into action, while also having a profile that gives you extra time if you are under scrutiny in a denied area.

There are only so many ways to hide an object with a fixed set of dimensions. Change the object or use a version of camoflage that  tricks the mind into thinking the object is something else. With external bungees and daisy chain for securing non gun items, rounded edges, and designed to be carried over-the-shoulder like a "quiver" or worn as a "backpack," the CRB blends into environments where a traditional, squared-off, case might get "made" more easily. The CRB looks enough like a sports equipment bag or hiking backpack that it does not immediately scream "Gun inside here!"  to bystanders.  


  • The internal weapons compartment is slick, with no ties or dangling things to facilitate a weapon's speedy removal from the bag, even with magazines and optics attached.
  • There is a plastic insert at the bottom of the bag, so sharp muzzle devices do not poke through when weapons are carried muzzle-down, or set on hard surfaces with the muzzle facing down.
  • There is now also an internal padded divider to facilitate carry of more than one weapon, broken down weapon systems or other tools.
  • The main compartment utilizes a lockable YKK zipper to secure contents and to allow the CRB to function as a lockable container in those areas or agencies that require it.
  • There is a main external storage pocket with MOLLE/Velcro grid inside, should you want to attach other pockets, pouches or holsters. 
  • In addition to the main external storage pocket, there is a concealed "flat" pocket suitable for paperwork or other items as well as a small "Key Pocket" that is sized to fit keys and most smart phones. Many users report this external pocket (10" x 10" x 1.5") is the perfect size for a small active shooter bag and trauma kit, allowing you to have a small fighting load with your primary weapon. 


  • Made of 1000D nylon
  • Milspec webbings and bungees
  • Removable closed cell foam and HDPE plastic. The CRB will protect the contents inside and keep you from getting jabbed by sharp charging handles or other accessories.
  • MOLLE/Velcro grid in the extermal pocket which accepts all MOLLE compatible accessories on the market. We like the ones we make but any other manufacturers product should do fine as well.
  • Dimensions 27" x 12" x 2" (4" where the external pocket is).

The best way to find out which of our bags will fit your specific weapon is by using a measuring tape. Measure your weapon from the end of the stock to the tip of the muzzle. Then, measure from the top of your optic (if you have one) to the bottom of your magazine.


Some users report using the CRB as "BOLT" bags and stock the bags with all manner of things we never envisioned such as medical resupply items, E&E kits, or other specialist item kits. Use your imagination and let us know how you use your Covert Rifle Bags.

Imported using the finest USA made materials with the highest attention to detail.
There is no finer way to covertly carry your valuble mission essential weapons systems.


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